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General Inquiries:

The Constant Pursuit of Exceeding Perfection,
This is our Promise.

Lemon Sky is the largest CGI House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are
a 12 year old establishment with an ever growing and dedicated work
force who's sole focus is creating and providing the best Digital Art and
Animation services for the Video Games and Animation Industry. Our
pursuit of exceeding the levels of perfection in our work is not just a
vision, but a Promise.

Our major clients include:
Bandai Namco Studios, Capcom, Sony Computer Entertainment
America, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Studios, Activision, 2K Games
and Ubisoft.

Our Services:
Concept Art and Design
Character Creation and Modeling
CG Environments and Props Modeling
CG Game Cinematics Animation
CG Animation Series

The Creative Collaboration of Bringing your Story to Life.

From the creative vignettes of a storyboard, to the explosive movements
of a character bursting out from the screen - our team of Lemon Sky
animators, modelers, artists and technicians alike; aspire to create
entertaining, as well as engaging shows for the animation market.